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New Weekly Tradition: Sportswriting of the Week

Every Friday, I’m gonna start acknowledging the best article or (probably) column that I read all week.  Two promises: First, they can either be about Boston sports or sports from other pathetic areas of the country, but of course, Boston sports stories will carry some internal value for me as a tiebreaker.  Second, I will never pull a Jaromir Jagr and acknowledge one of my own pieces.  Really, that last sentence was just an excuse to show Jagr being Jagr again.  God, I hope Chiarelli trades for him at the deadline one more time.

This week, there are 2.  Ian O’Conner’s piece on Dick Rehbein was gonna be the inaugural winner, but then Bill Simmons came in hot with a column on Grantland that puts into perfect perspective how much Patriots fans cherish the Brady-Belichick era.  And if you think it’s weird that there’s a theme to these columns being the winners for this week, well, you obviously forgot what Sunday is.  Can’t get enough of TB12 right now.