So Long, Avery Bradley

Avery Bradley was a true Celtic.  Ever since the Celtics drafted him 19th overall in 2010, coming off an excruciating loss in the 2010 Finals, Bradley has been everything the Celtics could have hoped for and FAR more.

It’s easy to forget now, but the Celtics may have snuck by the Miami Heat in the 2012 Eastern Conference Finals if Bradley didn’t go down with injuries to both shoulders that required surgery soon after the season.  He already made a huge impact in just his second year, and he just kept on improving.  Look at how he’s added something to his offensive game every year and improved steadily:

Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 10.20.18 AM

And of course, these numbers you see above mostly have to do with his worst side of the ball.  Bradley has been a defensive beast since entering the league, and he’s easily one of the best perimeter defenders in the game.  I remember hearing somewhere that Kyrie Irving admitted that Bradley guards him the best of anyone in the league, and it shows.  I will always maintain that, on March 1, 2017 during a nationally televised Cavs-Celtics game in Boston, Avery Bradley played the best defense that I’ve ever seen anyone played in a game. Here are some highlights:

March 1, 2017 Avery Bradley Defensive Highlights

it makes sense that the Celtics had to trade him, and I’m glad they were able to get someone who’s actually on a roster, giving them one less spot to fill with minimum guys.  I knew a trade of Smart, Bradley, or Crowder would happen… but man, it sucks more than I realized to see Bradley go.

Thanks for everything, AB.  You will be missed.



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