Bruins Face Blues, Blackhawks on Midwest Trip

bruins blues

The only thing that you can bank on with the 2016 Bruins is that they’ll put themselves in a hole.  Last Saturday, I wrote that the Bruins absolutely needed 4 points in their next 2 games against the Maple Leafs and Devils, and they responded by beating the Maple Leafs… and losing to the Devils.  Now, they face a pair of dynamic, elite teams who should beat the B’s in both of these contests, and Boston desperately need to pull a win out of thin air in these games.

Let’s be real, the Blues and Blackhawks are not only way better than the Bruins, but they’re both horrible matchups for the B’s.  The B’s have a trio of 6th-8th defensemen who play every night, and basic math should tell you that it’s not good when you’re 4th defenseman should be your 6th.  The Blues and Blackhawks both have the forward depth to take advantage of the Bruins’ blueline when Chara isn’t on the ice.

St. Louis also has the defensive depth to deal with the Bruins’ offense that is 5th in the league in goals scored.  The Blackhawks, like the B’s, also lack depth on the blue line and they’re just 3-5-2 in their last 10, but do you really think they’re the favorites in Sunday’s game in Chicago?

This weekend represents a time where the Bruins’ unpredictability actually plays to their advantage.  During the Claude Julien years, whenever the team is supposed to lose, they often find a way to pull it out.  The opposite is also true, as we saw Tuesday in New Jersey.  But hopefully the Bruins find themselves on the other end of the spectrum tonight or Sunday afternoon.

TL,DR version?  The Bruins need Tuukka Rask to stand on his head and/or the Bergeron line to be the best in the league for at least one of the next two games. Let’s hope that happens.

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