Bruins Need 4 Points in Next 2 Games

NHL: Boston Bruins at Dallas Stars

On one hand, this might be the most obvious column that I’ve written.  On the other hand, though, I’m not sure if Bruins fans understand the spot the Bruins are in over the next week or so.

The Bruins play the Maple Leafs tonight in Ontario and then travel to New Jersey on Tuesday.  That gives them ample rest in between the games, and there’s no excuse to drop either game.  Next Friday (notice the extra day or rest again), they play in St. Louis.  Then, next Sunday, the play in Chicago for the 12:30 NBC matinee with Doc Emrick.  Would it shock you at all if the Bruins dropped both of those?  Me neither.

The Bruins got a gift from the Penguins earlier today when they beat the Red Wings, which means that the B’s are up on the Wings by a point with 7 games left for both teams.  The B’s need 8 or 9 points in those final games, and it’s gonna be hard for them to do so if they can’t get at least 4 points over the next 4 games.  Given that I have no faith in the Bruins in St. Louis or Chicago, they need to beat the lowly Maple Leafs and mediocre Devils.

It sucks that we have to care so much about a game against Toronto.  But that’s the position that the B’s have put themselves in with the 5 game losing streak.

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