Bruins Sweep Florida Trip

marchand celebrating

They may have let the Panthers and Lightning get to overtime and steal a point, but the Bruins beat the Panthers and Lightning in overtime in the past 2 days, vaulting themselves to 83 points.

The Bruins are technically tied for 1st in the Atlantic Division with the Lightning, but Tampa Bay has a game in hand.  Florida is now 2 points back, but they have 2 games in hand over the Bruins.  What may be more important, however, is that the Bruins look like they will not fall into the one of the Wild Card spots, at which point they would either have to face the Capitals in the 1st or 2nd round of the playoffs.  If they can stay in the Atlantic Division bracket of the Eastern Conference playoffs, they’ll only have to play 2 of the Panthers, Lightning, Penguins, and Red Wings, all of which are far more manageable than the mighty Caps.  Boston has played 2 more games than Wings, but they’re up 7 points on Detroit, so finishing at worst 3rd in the Atlantic seems like a definite.

Regardless of where the Bruins finish, they just made a huge statement by beating both Floridian teams on back to back nights in humongous Atlantic Division matchups.  They officially have more of a ceiling than I thought last summer.  Let’s hope that they don’t get my hopes too high right before a playoff letdown.

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