What’s the Most You’d Trade for Dwight Howard?

dwight howard

I’ve written before about how the Celtics shouldn’t trade for Dwight Howard under any circumstances.  He’d be a horrible fit in Boston, and the Celtics shouldn’t go anywhere near the price that Daryl Morey would demand.

(As much as I hate to pander to the TL,DR crowd, I understand that you may not care for 600 words on this.  Scroll to the final paragraph for my final decision.)

Hypothetically, though, what’s the absolute most that you’d give for Dwight Howard?  I wouldn’t trade anyone on the Celtics roster other than Jordan Mickey and obviously David Lee.  Howard would play out the final few months of his contract in Boston and then likely leave for some softer city to match his soft personality, and it’s not worth it to give up any other player who might be a part of the next Celtics championship team.

If you throw in draft picks though, this stupid conversation gets kind of interesting.  I wouldn’t trade the Philadelphia 2nd rounder that the Celtics have this year, because that’s gonna be #31.  Early 2nd rounders are underrated assets in the NBA, and none other than Daryl Morey loves them like Dwight Howard loves missing free throws.  That one is too valuable.  This June, the Celtics also have the Cavs’ 2nd rounder, the Heat’s 2nd rounder, and the more favorable of the Grizzlies and Mavericks’ 2nd rounders, in addition to their own.  I would trade any single one of those for Dwight, and so here is the line of demarcation.  A 2nd rounder in the 40s is the highest I’d go for Howard.  If you want Jordan Mickey in the deal, then it’s gonna have to be Cleveland’s 2nd rounder, which should be number 57.

If you want a 1st rounder, though, I’m not giving up any of the C’s 1st rounders that they have over the next few years.  I just puked in my mouth when I thought of dealing one of the Brooklyn picks for Howard.  I wouldn’t trade the Mavs’ pick, which might climb up to 15 or 16.  I wouldn’t trade the C’s 2016 1st rounder because the C’s should either take a rookie to get better over the next few years or trade the pick for someone who isn’t a complete punk on the court.

I thought of the Memphis 1st rounder that the Celtics are probably gonna get in 2019, but that has a chance of being in the top 10.  Let’s say that the Grizz play out the string with Gasol and Conley on long term deals, and then both of those guys start to wither by the summer of 2018.  That could definitely leave the C’s with a top 10 pick.  Can’t give up that type of pick for a punk who would wilt with the pressure in Boston.

So here’s my final offer:  Celtics 2019 1st round pick.  By that point, the Celtics should be in the thick of their contending years, relegating that pick to number 26-30.  It’s way down the line, and they’ll have a ton of young guys in the system by that point.  And the new CBA to come in 2018 might make rookie contracts less appealing.

That’s my final offer, Daryl Morey.  Take your pick, I insist.  Either the Celtics own 2019 1st rounder, the Celtics, Heat or Grizzlies/Mavericks 2016 2nd rounder, or Jordan Mickey and the Cavaliers 2016 2nd rounder.  I’m sure that Dwight would actually be worth such low assets; he could provide some interior defense on the way to an Eastern Conference Finals run… and then leave this summer.

In case you can’t tell, I really, really don’t want the Celtics to trade for Dwight Howard.

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