Bruins-Red Wings Game Proves Bruins Need Defenseman at Deadline

bruins red wings

When your team gives up 6 goals and the general consensus is that “Tuukka didn’t play as bad as you think, the Bruins defense couldn’t clear the puck away from the net if they were playing against 5 year olds,” you know your team has a problem.

The Bruins are in desperate need of help on the blueline, and the team has zero chance of being a real contender in the playoffs.  Look at the Blackhawks, Kings, and Bruins as the only teams to have won Stanley Cups in the past 6 seasons, and all 6 of those teams had firepower on defense to rely on in the playoffs.  For the 2016 Bruins, though, Chara is nowhere near his 2011 self and there’s nobody on the Bruins who deserves to be thought of as a true #2 defenseman.  They don’t have the horses to compete in the springtime.

Don Sweeney is the same guy who traded Dougie Hamilton for picks in the offseason, and most of the well deserved criticism of the move came from a future perspective because Hamilton is only 22 years old.  But the trade crippled the Bruins’ blue line for this year, as well, and Sweeney needs to atone for the mistake by making a smart trade for some help.  Outside of Dustin Byfuglien and Keith Yandle, there doesn’t appear to be much on the market.  But that’s why Chiarelli never should have made the Hamilton trade, and he has only himself to blame for a tough uphill climb at this year’s trade deadline.

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