Super Bowl 50 Preview

super bowl 50

First of all, forgive me for writing just about nothing in the past 2 weeks about football.  The 2015 season is over in New England, and I’m already counting down to Super Bowl 51 in Houston, just like Tom Brady.

But the big day is finally here, so I have to write about it (I guess).  I know that it’s dumb for a Patriots fan to say “I don’t think that Peyton Manning’s offense can score enough to win,” but that’s what I’m going with here.  Manning played as well as he possibly could have in the AFC Championship game, and even if he plays that well, the Panthers won’t play as badly as the Pats did.  The Panthers don’t have Marcus Cannon at right tackle, after all, and Cam Newton should be able to avoid the rush better than TB12.

On the other side of the ball, the defensive starpower of Josh Norman and Luke Kuechly will play better than Jamie Collins (who’s might be my pick for 2016 DPOY, by the way, because he’ll be coming back with a vengeance after his 2015 that was riddled with a weird illness and a weak performance in Denver 2 weeks ago) and company.

Essentially, the Pats were a good matchup for the Broncos (especially in Denver), and the Panthers will be able to do what the Pats couldn’t in order to win.  I don’t like the spread pick that much of Panthers -6 (even though that’s what I’m going with, barely), but I LOVE the 2 team tease of Panthers to win and the under of 51.5.  That’s what I’m rolling with.

From the perspective of a New Englander, we just don’t wanna see Peyton go out on top.  I have the utmost respect for Peyton Manning, but Manning vs. Brady is something that we definitely care about, even if we pretend that we don’t.  Let Cam Newton take home the Lombardi Trophy and piss off his haters.

Sorry that this analysis wasn’t exactly the best, but that’s how you know that I cared a ton about the Patriots 2 weeks ago.  At least we’ll always have Super Bowl 49.

The pick: Panthers 23 Broncos 16 

MVP: Cam Newton, because they’re not gonna give it to anyone else.

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