Celtics Beat Cavs in Thriller with Avery Bradley Buzzer Beater

Avery Bradley

What a game!  In a contest where there always seemed to be an 8 point lead for either team, the Celtics finally pulled it out in the closest way that you can win a basketball game.  The C’s were down 2 after Evan Turner got an And 1 that JR Smith stupidly gave him, and he missed the free throw with about 5 seconds to go.  Then Marcus Smart, who is 6’4″ 220 pounds, manhandled Timofey Mozgov, who is 7′ 275 pounds, on the FT rebound.  The Celtics got the ball because of how much Marcus Smart is an animal, and then Avery Bradley hit a game winning 3 point buzzer beater when Isaiah Thomas ran out of space and Evan Turner couldn’t get open.

The Celtics closed the 1st quarter down 12, ended the half down 6, dropped to down 8 at the end of the 3rd, and were consistently down 5 or 6 points in the closing moments of the game.  They fought back every time because they’ve got the heart of a lion and the balls of Randy Marsh in South Park when he tried to get cancer.  (You’re goddamn right that’s a South Park reference in this blog.)

Tonight’s game proves why we love this Celtics team so much.  They’ll always have those games like the one against the Magic this past Sunday that frustrate the hell out of you, but it’s impossible not to love a scrappy, determined bunch like these Celts.

In their next 6 games, the Celtics only face 2 playoff teams, the Clippers at home and the Jazz in Utah.  Let’s say they go 5-1, which is hopeful but still realistic.  At that point, they’d be 35-23 and probably the 3rd seed in the East, and they’ll probably have just traded for someone at the deadline.  Suddenly, the C’s would be pushing the border of being a great team and not just a good team.  Don’t you just love being able to root for this team?

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