Celtics Had A Low Key Spectacular Wednesday Night

celtics pistons feb 4 2016

I would hope that you’re all aware that the Celtics beat the Pistons convincingly Wednesday night in Boston on the 2nd half of a back to back.  Given that the Pistons hadn’t played since Monday and the C’s had to win in NYC the night before, the win already makes for a great night, especially with the 20 point halftime lead that the C’s took.

The night didn’t stop there.  Back in New York, the Pacers took care of the Brooklyn Nets with a 14 point victory, and if there’s one thing that any Celtics fan knows about the 2015-2018 seasons, it’s to look at the NBA box scores for the Nets outcomes.  The Nets loss didn’t surprise anyone because, you know, the Nets are garbage, but the score in Dallas was more unexpected.  The Heat pulled out a 3 point victory thanks to Raymond Felton taking the game tying 3 instead of one of the best clutch shooters of all time in Dirk Nowitzki.  Makes total sense, right?

The Mavs have come back to earth a little bit, and right now they would surrender the 19th pick to the Celtics, which was in the low to mid 20s a little while back.  It’s very slightly possible that a few losses here and there from the Mavs wind up being more important than a few losses by the Nets.  Even if the Nets pick falls from the 3rd best chances at #1 to the 4th best, that’s not as dramatic of a difference as we’d like to think, though it definitely matters.  But if a couple of games for the Mavs go the wrong way, that could be the difference between a handful of draft slots.  Dallas could easily wind up with the 21st pick or so, because they are a good, well coached team, after all.  But they also could wind up as the 8th seed in the West thanks for Portland’s recent surge and Dallas’ recent mediocrity, and that would probably garner the 15th overall pick.  Especially if Danny Ainge tries to trade the Celtics own 1st rounder or the Mavs’ 1st in 2016, the 15th pick turns heads a good deal more than the 21st.  For now, we should be watching the Nets more intently, but don’t sleep on how important each Mavs loss is.

Lastly, the Timberwolves pulled out a victory over the Clippers, and they had just played in Staples Center vs. the Lakers the night before.  The Clips didn’t play Tuesday night, which makes it abjectly pathetic that they lost to the T-Wolves on their home floor, Blake Griffin or no Blake Griffin.  The Timberwolves got their 15th win of the year, which matters for the Celtics only because the Nets have 12.  Every win from the T-Wolves or Suns (14 wins) is way more important than anyone in Boston realizes right now.  Unfortunately, the Suns quit on their (now former) coach and the organization as a whole a long time ago, and they might screw over the Celtics by finishing worse than the Nets.  Either way, Minnesota went into Los Angeles and punked the Clippers behind Andrew Wiggins’ 31 points, and that was a gift that no Celtics fan could have expected.

The Celtics’ big night didn’t stop with their decisive win over a probable Eastern Conference playoff team on the 2nd night of a back to back, as they got the “Big 3” of a C’s win, Nets loss, and Mavs loss.  With the cherry on top that Minnesota provided, Wednesday night was an awesome night for the C’s.  It was one of those nights that reminds you how fun it is to root for this Celtics team given their present, impending short term improvement, and promising long term ceiling.

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