One Year Ago Today…

malcom butler interception sb emblem

Photo credit to 247 sports, and I took the photo from the Twitter account of @patsnews1287

It was already 365 days ago that the Patriots and the Seahawks faced off in Super Bowl 49 in Glendale, Arizona.  It was already 365 days ago that Chris Matthews almost killed the Pats season, Tom Brady had the best 4th quarter in Super Bowl history, and Malcolm Butler saved us from the depths of pure despair and sadness.

It’s symbolic that the 1 year anniversary of SB49 occurs only 8 days after the Brady Bunch was eliminated from the playoffs, because the Super Bowl determined how we feel now about the Pats.  Last week sucked, and no one can deny that.  But there’s an inner peace in New England about the loss, because we still have the backdrop of a win last year in the game that mattered so much to us.  Brady and Belichick finally got their 4th ring together in the latter half of Brady’s career with the Pats, and it’s the one that we needed for our sanity.  Given that the Pats won in such circumstances, I’m personally at peace with the Denver loss, which is how I predicted i’d feel if the Pats loss in my column to open 2016 about Pats fans’ mentality.

Super Bowl 49 XLIX will always provide an indescribable sense of happiness to me because I was lucky enough to be there.  I had perfect seats for viewing Malcolm Butler’s pick, as we were on the 25 yard line on the side that he was facing when he jumped the route like no one has ever jumped a route before.  I was yelling so loudly for Belichick to call a timeout before the play that I was annoying other Pats fans… even though they agreed with me fully.  I was proven dead wrong, and I still have the perfect memory of the split second that Butler caught the ball — but then I blacked out for 10 or 15 seconds and I have no idea what I did right after.  If you were sitting near me and I accidentally hit you with a Matt Cooke-blindside-elbow or something like that, then I apologize.  Wasn’t my intention.

Here is my recap of Super Bowl 49 from the next day.  That was the happiest blog I’ve ever written, and it feels like yesterday that I wrote it.  Feels like yesterday for Super Bowl XLIX, doesn’t it?

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