Wyc Grousbeck Doesn’t Get Enough Credit as a Great Owner

wyc grousbeck

On Felger and Mazz this past Friday, Wyc Grousbeck joined the certified basketball geniuses at F&M to talk Celtics.  The chief topics of the discussion were the roster changes that lie ahead for the C’s, and Grousbeck was extremely candid.  He made it sound like it was unlikely that the Celtics would make a transformative move at the deadline, but far more unlikely that they wouldn’t make any move at all.

In this town, we’ve been blessed with great owners since the turn of the century.  I wish Bob Kraft had fought the NFL on the loss of a 1st round draft pick, but overall he’s been the best owner that we could have asked for.  He made the ultimate decision of picking the best coach and GM of all time to run his team, and that in and of itself makes him an incredible success.  The Red Sox owners are a little aloof sometimes, but they spent a ton of money for 3 World Series titles and kept Fenway open, and it would be foolish to not be grateful that they took over the team a decade and a half ago, especially when Frank McCourt was another possibility.  And since the 2005 NHL Lockout, even Jeremy Jacobs has been a good owner for the Bruins.  The hard cap helped drive down the cost of player salaries for everyone else as well, but Jacobs has spent up to the salary cap and dished out extra dollars for Marc Savard’s LTIR contract the past few years.  It sucks that he was the main driver of that dumb 2012 NHL lockout, but from a Bruins perspective, he’s been all that we could ask for.

Wyc Grousbeck has been right there with those guys.  He originally didn’t want to spend past the luxury tax line when he took over in 2002, but he changed course when the Celtics got KG, which activated his trade kicker and necessitated a 3 year, $55 million extension for Garnett.  Since then, he’s spent every penny that Danny Ainge needed to build a winner, and the Celtics now have a well-deserved reputation for being a well structured organization.

Moreover, how often are owners this transparent with the fans?  It’s impressive that Grousbeck would take calls and direct questions from fans on a radio show that isn’t exactly known for its basketball acumen.  Celtics fans, myself absolutely included, have been talking about when the Celtics are gonna make a transformative trade and who those trade targets could be, so how cool is it that the team’s owner engages those discussion?

A product of Worcester, Wyc Grousbeck deserves full appreciation from Celtics fans, and I don’t think that enough of us realize that.  Few things devastate a fan base more than a horrible owner, and at the other end of the spectrum, it only makes sense to praise one of the best in the NBA.

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