Good Thing The Bruins Knew Dennis Wideman was a Clown

dennis wideman

You’ve all seen the clip of Dennis Wideman checking a lineman from behind and then claiming that he didn’t see the lineman there until the last moment and had to react in order to not get his own self decked… which is obviously complete horseshit.  If what he did was anything close to an accident, he wouldn’t have skated to the bench and sat down and hid like a bitch — he would have checked that the lineman was ok.

The underrated aspect of the Boston Bruins cup run of 2011 and their general run of contention from 2009-2014 was the team’s locker room culture.  They got players who bought into what the team was about and the team’s identity, and it may have been the difference in the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals against the Vancouver Mental Midgets Canucks.  While the Tyler Seguin trade was obviously a mistake, it’s a little more understandable when you realize that even team captain Zdeno Chara stated that the team tried to address issues with Seguin and Kessel, but ultimately those guys wouldn’t buy into what the rest of the team was selling.  Those Bruins teams were founded on a certain mentality that all their players needed to have.

Peter Chiarelli made some horrible moves throughout his tenure, and it’s fair for Bruins fans to have those mistakes at the forefront of their memories of the Chiarelli reign, given that he was fired only 8 months ago.  But Bruins fans often forget some of his awesome, unsung transactions that built the Cup contending teams.  Zdeno Chara was probably the best free agent signing of all time, and one of his first moves was trading Andrew Raycroft for Tuukka Rask (HAHAHAHA TORONTO!!!!).

Trading Dennis Wideman was a spectacular deal, and you shouldn’t forget about it no matter how much your blood boils over Chiarelli’s moves like Boychuk, Seguin, and the Seidenberg extension.  Chiarelli traded Dennis Wideman, who was fresh off of a horrible 2010 regular season but surprisingly good 2010 playoffs, and the Bruins 2010 1st round pick for Nathan Horton and Gregory Campbell.

No, I didn’t leave anything out of that trade.  There was no other 1st round pick or another European prospect whose name you didn’t know at the time.  After his horrendous 2010 regular season which made every Bruins fan and their mother question whether or not Wideman was regularly throwing Bruins games, Chiarelli flipped him and a 1st for their best sniper and their best penalty killing forward in a Stanley Cup season — two types of players that they needed badly.

Dennis wideman was a headcase who couldn’t be counted on from night to night, and he didn’t stop being that guy after leaving Boston.  He played on the Capitals in 2012, and I remember hearing at some point in the middle or later part of the Caps-Bruins 1st round series that Wideman was a -7 and no other defenseman on the Caps was worse than -1 or -2.  Plus/minus might be overrated and flawed, but there’s no denying that Wideman sucked at an embarrassing level at that time.  Good thing Peter Chiarelli dumped the guy who was such a headcase right before their cup run, because they might not have gone that far without him.

In my opinion, Dennis Wideman should get the 20 game suspension that the rule stipulates for hitting a referee, and I would have no issue with him getting suspended the final 34 games of Calgary’s season.  In fact, I’d definitely do the 34 game suspension, with 20 being for the rule violation itself and 14 for being a lying weasel with his postgame explanation and for not checking if the ref was alright on the ice.  But from my perspective as a Bruins fan specifically, I’m gonna watch this YouTube video on repeat with a huge smile on my face.


What a trade.



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