Would Blake Griffin to the Celtics Even Make Sense?

NBA: Los Angeles Clippers at Portland Trail Blazers

No, this is not lazy clickbait.  I’ll never do that.  And no, this isn’t to say that Blake Griffin — Celtics rumors are even a thing.  But since last year, all Celtics fans have been conditioned to have ultra-sensitive radar for any superstars who are available via trade.  DeMarcus Cousins doesn’t like George Karl?  BOOGIE TO BOSTON!!!! The Bucks might have too many puzzle pieces that don’t fit quite right?  TRADE THE BROOKLYN PICK AND OTHER STUFF FOR JABARI PARKER!!!!  And the Clippers are playing better without Blake Griffin who just threw a wrench into the organization’s chemistry by punching a dude?  You can’t deny that the thought of Blake in Boston didn’t cross your mind.

But is it even feasible?  Griffin fits the mold of the type of superstar that the Celtics need, but that doesn’t mean that trading for him would make sense for the Celtics, much less the Clippers.  The Celtics should and probably be willing to trade some of their plentiful draft picks for Griffin, but the Clips couldn’t give up Blake without getting something back for this season.  The Celtics have pieces on the roster that would attract anybody, such as Marcus Smart, Jae Crowder, Avery Bradley, and Kelly Olynyk, but would those guys really have as much value to a team like the Clips as they do the Celtics?  Let’s say that LAC asked for Jae Crowder, Kelly Olynyk (who would be awesome next to DeAndre Jordan) and a non-Nets 1st round pick?  There’s no way I’d do that.  Crowder is an animal, wingmen are a commodity in today’s NBA, and he makes $7 million this year and the next 4.  Griffin makes almost 3 times that much for this year and next, and then becomes a free agentin the Summer of 2017 after just having turned 28.  Olynyk and Crowder will be huge pieces for the future, and Blake simply isn’t worth that price.  The Clips might like Marcus Smart or Avery Bradley considering that they’ve gotten nothing out of Lance Stephenson’s roster spot, but the package involving them (especially the young and still improving Smart) would not have the same value to the Clips for this season.  Isaiah Thomas could help a contender for this season as a 6th man, but Chris Paul won’t leave the floor in the playoffs for enough time to make Isaiah worthwhile.

What’s more is that the Clippers are run by Doc Rivers.  I think there’s still too much bad blood between Doc and the Celtics for Doc to give the Celtics guy that every Clippers fan thought would be their franchise player for 15 years (and still could be).  The Celtics would have to be the obvious choice as a trade partner for the Clippers, and if they’re not, Doc will pass.  Blake may not even want to play in Boston, and his desires would be a huge deal, because the Celtics wouldn’t give up some of their coveted assets for a guy who could leave 15 months later and really only offer them a single year of championship contention in 2017.

In short, the Celtics would have to beat the offers of other teams for Blake Griffin for Doc to make a deal with them, and I can’t see the Celtics choosing to offer significantly more than any other team.  I’m not sure I’d want Blake at such a price, either.  If the C’s traded Olynyk, Zeller, Rozier, the Memphis pick from the Jeff Green trade, and the C’s own 1st round pick this year, then I’d make the move for a soon to be 27 year old who has a 22-23 PER every year.  But the Clippers won’t make that deal, and I don’t want the Celtics to offer much more than that.  Good thing that they won’t.

The Celtics won’t get Blake Griffin this season.  But there’s another superstar by the name of DeMarcus Cousins that the Celtics should get, and I suggest you join me on the “Danny Ainge should trade the farm for Boogie Cousins” bandwagon.

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