Patriots May Have Already Beaten the Broncos

brady manning

First of all, let me say that I apologize for the title that makes you think I’m one of the many blowhard members of the media (many of them in this market, New York, or Indianapolis) who write complete crap in hopes of you clicking on it and destroying a few of your brain cells.  I swear that this isn’t that type of column, and nothing that I ever write on this site will be of that sort.

I honestly do think that the Broncos might already be done for.  By now, you’ve seen that the Broncos are calling Tom Brady a crybaby and aiming for Rob Gronkowski’s knees.  That’s all fine and dandy, but those stories aren’t the main reasons that I’m making the point that the Broncos are likely dead.  They add to the real evidence.

After the Broncos put on an embarrassing show in the 2nd half of their game vs. the Colts in the Divisional Round last year, Demaryius Thomas candidly admitted that the Broncos were scared to play the Patriots.  He said that the Patriots pretty much owned beachfront property in the brains of the Broncos players, which led Denver to overlook Indianapolis and play like they didn’t want to be in the playoffs — which was apparently the truth.

Cut ahead to this year.  The Broncos are trying to talk themselves into a newfound sense of confidence.  They’re still afraid of a healthy New England, still worried of what can happen when the Pats can match up with the amazing cornerback tandem of Talib and Harris with Gronk, Edelman, Amendola, LaFell, and Martin,  instead of just 3.5 quarters of Gronk, LaFell, and Martin.  They know that a trade of Jerod Mayo for Dont’a Hightower (Mayo will miss the AFCCG, and Hightower missed the Week 12 game) is a trade that unequivocally favors the Patriots.

The Patriots will treat their trip to Denver like a business trip.  Sure, they’ll be amped out of their minds, but they’re there to do their jobs and nothing else, and they know that they can.  The Broncos hope that they can beat the Patriots, and they’re convincing themselves that they will beat a clearly better football team with a quarterback whose arm reminds you of a crippled war veteran.  In reality, they’re only demonstrating that the Pats are in their heads, which probably spells defeat before the opening coin toss.

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