Texans-Chiefs Was One of the Worst Games Ever to Watch

I’ve been sitting here since Brian Hoyes threw his 4th interception, trying to remember a worse playoff game.  I simply can’t.  The results of the game might still be important and memorable, but the watchability of the game was basically a negative amount.

I can’t say I’m surprised, though.  There’s a reason that ESPN got the game in its first year of playoff coverage on Wild Card Saturday afternoon, which is traditionally when the worst game occurs.  What’s more, this game perfectly juxtaposes the 2015 NFL season … because it sucked.  This was one of the worst seasons that comes to mind.  Remember how many times that you were completely apathetic to the terrible games that were airing as the early games on Sunday?  Well, the early game screwed us today, too.

The Steelers-Bengals game is on Saturday night because it was billed as the best one, and it had better fill up to expectations.  Otherwise, the first day of playoff football will be as much of a dud as the majority of the regular season.  Given that the NFL’s product is loved but the public opinion on them is so negative, the one thing they can’t have is a drop in their product’s quality.

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