Potential Trades for Derrick Rose

derrick rose

Let’s jump right in: Derrick Rose is shooting 36.8% from the field, 24.6% from behind the arc, has a 10.59 PER, and has an assist-turnover ration of less than 2 (5.1 to 2.6 per game).  In short, he’s been terrible this season  He looked good in Milwaukee tonight and he’s still recovering from an orbital bone fracture, and the Chicago Bulls should at least wait until a few weeks before the trade deadline to see if their former hometown hero can turn back into their hometown hero.  But if that doesn’t happen, the Bulls need to cut bait with Rose and realize that the 2011 NBA MVP isn’t coming back.

You’ll notice that the only logical trades involving Derrick Rose also involve the Brooklyn Nets, as I simply can’t find another destination suitable for him this season.  We need a franchise who’s willing to take a long shot on a guy at $20.1 million this season and $21.3 million next season, and because of that hefty salary, the franchise likely needs to have a contract that they want to move.  New York doesn’t have an albatross contract (other than Carmelo’s) for the first time since Dr. James Naismith invented basketball.  The Phoenix Suns would love to move on from Markieff Morris, but they don’t have enough expendable salary to trade.  The Lakers would love to take on a guy who will put asses in the seats when Kobe is done in a few months, but they have 2 young point guards who can’t lose any minutes to a guy like Rose.  Dallas would have been a potential destination if Deron Williams hadn’t turned back into a respectable NBA player.

Trade 1:

Brooklyn Nets Receive: Derrick Rose
Chicago Bulls Receive: Joe Johnson

This one is really obvious.  The Bulls would position themselves strictly for cap space this upcoming summer when Johnson’s and Joakim Noah’s contracts would be up, and the Nets would roll the dice on Rose because they have no great young assets to utilize in order to improve and their cap space will be nearly useless if when nobody signs with them this summer.  Let’s move on to more exciting trades.

Trade 2: 

Brooklyn Nets Receive: Derrick Rose
Chicago Bulls Receive: Jrue Holiday, Ryan Anderson
New Orleans Pelicans Receive: Joe Johnson 
(and instantly buy him out to save money and minutes for other players), Doug McDermott, Taj Gibson, Bobby Portis, Sacramento’s 1st Round pick from Chi (Top 10 protected 2016 and 2017, then becomes 2017 2nd rounder), Chicago’s 2016 1st round pick.

Here are my thoughts on your thoughts of this trade:

Admit it, this trade is great.  Frankly, if it wasn’t for this trade, then I wouldn’t have written this column, because it’s the only one that moves the needle but it makes so much sense.  The Bulls get a point guard who doesn’t need to be the center of attention and can has no issues with Jimmy Butler being the top scorer on the team, and they get Ryan Anderson’s shooting from the 4 spot.  They need a wing a little bit more, but they could use their plethora of big men with Anderson, Noah, Gasol, and Mirotic to play big in a way that few could match.  The Pelicans would lose Holiday for this season and next, but Ryan Anderson is a UFA this summer anyway, and they could capitalize on both of their stocks being high right now.  Gibson has a year left on his deal, too, and if he’s not helpful next year when New Orleans should be in contention for a playoff spot again, they could flip him for something.  And why not roll the dice on Sacramento playing just well enough to earn the Bulls the 11th or 12th pick this season?  They’re in line for the 10th pick right now.  If New Orleans would prefer Joakim Noah (final year, $13 million) instead of Gibson so that they could flip or re-sign Noah, I’m sure the Bulls would oblige.


Well, sorry that it was a little bit of a letdown that I only had 2 trades in mind.  For what it’s worth, it was a letdown for me as well.  I guess that’s proof of how bad of a situation the Bulls will be in with Derrick Rose if he can’t improve at all.  They might even have to trade the Nets a draft pick in the Joe Johnson trade if the Nets somehow feel that they could otherwise use that cap space this July.

For fun, though, let’s throw in a single stupid trade that shouldn’t happen, and can’t happen during this season, but might happen in the offseason because of organizational stupidity.  Let’s assume this trade went down in July when the cap has risen significantly, and let’s assume that Sacramento struck out with its cap space because it’s, you know, Sacramento.

Chicago Receives: Absolutely nothing except cap space and an endless supply of joy.
Sacramento Receives: Derrick Rose and his 1 year, $23.1 million deal.  

Couldn’t you see Vlade Divac and Vivek Ranadive making this move in a Hail Mary attempt to appease DeMarcus Cousins if they lose Rajon Rondo in free agency?  If they’re smart, they would request a draft pick from the Bulls — maybe the 1st rounder that they owe the Bulls if it doesn’t get conveyed in June — as compensation for taking on the salary, and the Bulls might do it if they’re desperate and if they’re close to signing a free agent with that cap space.  i gotta say, if the Kings actually do strike out in free agency and let Rondo walk, and if the Bulls are willing to attach a nice draft pick to Rose’s deal, the trade might not be all that stupid for Sacramento.  But it’s still nowhere near as good as that second Nets trade.

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