Pats Fans Can’t Be Surprised about Treatment of Peyton Manning

Yes, it’s 100% true that Peyton Manning and Tom Brady have received exact opposite treatment by the media with their recent controversies.  Tom Brady was declared guilty from the start by absolutely everyone, and  Peyton Manning has been defended by that same number of people.  Anyone who still says that Brady has gotten fair treatment simply hasn’t looked at the facts, but that doesn’t mean that Pats fans can should act like Miguel Cairo when he found out that Manny actually caught his home run:

This is what happens when one player and his coaches and organizations spend their whole careers bowing down to the media, and the other treats the media like an annoying obligation.  I have no issue whatsoever with the way that Brady, the rest of the team, and most importantly Belichick treat the media, especially the media in this market.  I love Belichick’s press conferences for times like these, and because it’s refreshing in a weird way to have a guy not pretend that the press conferences mean something when we all know that they don’t.

But did you really expect there to be no effects of that?  Of course the media is gonna treat anyone on the Patriots worse than Peyton Manning given how cold the Pats are and how Manning is in every commercial, jokes around with everybody, and has made guys like Chris Mortensen a close family friend of his.

Brady and the Patriots have absolutely gotten unfair treatment because they’re so damn good every year given the jealousy of the NFL, and nobody is gonna take Belichick’s side with how many people he’s pissed off given the pettiness of the league.  I would never deny that, but we can’t forget a crucial factor in the contrasting treatment of the two quarterbacks.  The fact that the Boston media is by far a more negative and critical media while Indianapolis and Denver have a more accepting, middle America media who will jump to their quarterback’s defense no matter what has a big hand in that, as well.

We can’t forget the landscape we’re dealing with here.  The Pats stiff the media in a rough and sometimes bloodthirsty media market, and Peyton Manning strokes the media in a pair of cities with much more forgiving journalists.  How can you be surprised that Peyton Manning has way more public defenders than Brady.

Yes, it’s an injustice.  Yes, we have a right to be annoyed by it.  And yes, this is New England, where we like to get pissed off about this kinda stuff and become as provincial as possible.  But we don’t have a right to act surprised by what happens.  This is the price you pay for being the media villain and have everybody hating you.  And you know what?  I’m fine with paying that price.  I’d rather have my team be hated and have far too many critics whenever there’s a fake controversy, because that’s part of the lore of the Brady and Belichick tandem for the past 15 years.

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