Report: Peyton Manning Linked to HGH

A few hours ago, the Huffington Post reported that Peyton Manning was linked to HGH shipments by Al-Jazeera America in a documentary that will air tomorrow night.  (In other news, anyone know what the hell channel Al Jazeera America is for ((obviously unsatisfied)) customers of Comcast in the Boston area?  Anyone who tries to make plans with me at 9 pm tomorrow night will be shunned.)

You’re better off reading the details of the report on HuffPo itself, and the story is getting weirder by the minute.  As Deadspin pointed out, at 10:02, the supposed whistleblower posted a YouTube video declaring that he never tattled on Manning or was a part of Manning’s supposed usage of HGH because he was apparently recorded without his knowledge for the documentary.  Less than an hour later, Manning responded by vehemently denying the allegations.

Charlie Sly’s response seems strange, because even if he was recorded without his knowledge, why was he calling out Manning anyway?  I’ve said some dumb things in my life, but I usually don’t talk to someone off the record and say, “By the way dude, I’ve been a part of a group that shipped HGH to Peyton Manning’s wife.  Keep that one on the DL though.”  But his and Manning’s prompt response, as well as the seemingly genuine nature of Manning’s statement, definitely throws some shade on Al Jazeera’s report.  I’m not saying that Peyton is either innocent or guilty.  I’m saying that I have no frickin clue about it.

In Boston’s Twittersphere tonight, you’ll see approximately 482 billion people pointing out that ESPN was far quicker to report that Tom Brady was possibly guilty of a ball violation than they were in this case, as they waited for Manning’s statement to post about the allegation.  That’s a fair thing to point out, and yes, the media and especially ESPN does get much crazier when it’s the Patriots.  That being said, this is an issue of 2 or 3 hours in an incredibly weird story, folks.  I’m no fan of ESPN, especially after they botched the Deflategate story worse than Peyton Manning botched all 4 of his throws that wound up as interceptions in the 2003 AFC Championship Game in Foxboro.  But let’s not automatically say that ESPN screwed up this story before the documentary itself drops, because that would mean that we’re jumping to the types of conclusions that other did, much to our loathing, during Deflategate.

Stay tuned for further details on this story, because we’ve probably heard somewhere between 10-20% of everything that’s gonna come out.

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