Price Tags for Greinke and Fernandez prove Red Sox Made Right Choice



david price red sox

Have you been following the pitching market since the Red Sox signed David Price?  It’s insane.  Zack Greinke signed for an average of $34.33 million per season for 6 years at 33 years old.  The Diamondbacks then turned around and traded way too much of their farm system for Shelby Miller.  And finally, Peter Gammons reported today that the Miami Marlins asked the Red Sox for Mookie Betts, Christian Vazquez, Yoan Moncada, Eduardo Rodriguez, and another pitcher in the farm system.

That price for Fernendez is so insulting that I’m not gonna dignify with it a response, but the costs of these pitchers on the market has to make you realize that the Red Sox made the right move by signing David Price.  Zack Greinke cost the Diamondbacks more money per year AND a draft pick that the Sox didn’t have to pay for their new lefty ace.  Also, the Sox would have had to choose paying awesome prospects for a guy like Shelby Miller or giving up a historically good cast of prospects for a palyer like Fernandez.  Would you rather have David Price for the next 7 years at his contract or Jose Fernandez for the next 3 for pennies?  I think I’d slightly take Fernandez, but the fact that it’s even a close call proves that Price is the right choice when you throw in 4 or 5 of the best prospects on the Red Sox farm that Fernandez would cost.

If you thought that the Red Sox overpaid for David Price, the pitching market’s activity since the signing should tell you otherwise.  Price cost the Sox a boatload of dollars, but he didn’t cost them a draft pick or any prospects.  With the money the Sox have and the current pitching market inflation — especially given that good hitting is at more of a premium in MLB now — the Sox got off easy by “only” paying $31 million a year for David Price and nothing more.

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