I Hate That the Brooklyn Nets are Mediocre

The Nets were supposed to be horrible!! But they’re actually a real basketball team!

Also, I hate the Houston Rockets more than any non-Lakers team right now.  I picked the Rockets to finish with the 1 seed in the West this season, and the fact that so many others were with me doesn’t change the fact that they’ve made me look like a moron.  How do they not beat the Nets after they’ve already fired their coach and when they have every reason in the world to start playing with some balls?  Do they want to be seen as a complete joke or something?

Anyway, the Nets now own the 4th worst record in the league, 2 games back of the Kings and Nuggets for 5th worst.  They’e improved to 6-15 after starting 0-7, and they’ll improve to 7-15 tomorrow night against the 76ers barring a miracle.  My expectation, which is a realistic but admittedly hopeful expectation, is that the Nets finish with the 3rd worst record in the league.  They’re a game above the Pelicans at this point, and I have to believe that Anthony Davis and his unibrow will buoy the Pelicans enough to stay afloat above the Nets abilities that lie somewhere between mediocrity and abjectly horrible play.  I worry about the Kings’ locker room blowing up and their team finishing below the Nets, and I really worry about the Nuggets, who could easily finish after the Nets, as their point differential is right next to the Nets’ while the Kings’ is not.

Regardless, the Nets have no chance of finishing with one of the two worst records in the league given the fact that the Lakers and 76ers should be relegated to the D League.  The Nets will finish either 3rd or 4th worst, and the difference between each pick in the top 5 is larger than you might think.  Worst gets a 25% chance at the number 1 pick, 2nd worst gets a 19.9% chance, 3rd worst is at 15.6%, 4th gives a team a 11.9% shot, and 5th worst comes in at just a 8.8% clip.

That is why the average Brooklyn Nets game is more important for the Celtics than some of the Celtics games, depending on whom they’re playing.  For example, if the Nets are playing a team that they could beat but should lose to, i.e. the Nuggets, Kings, Magic, Knicks, or apparently the scumbag Rockets, and meanwhile the Celtics are playing a team out West that isn’t a good barometer for how good they are and they’ll never see in the first rounds of the playoffs, then you should follow that Nets game far more closely.  The difference between the 4, 5, or 6 seed will be important for the Celtics, but it’s not as important as the chance of getting a franchise player in the draft.

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