Boston Sports Dodges a Horrible Night, Instead It’s a Great Night

Ok, so tomorrow is Thanksgiving, so I’m gonna spare you the column that’s all but written in my head where I express concern about how the Celtics are playing.  Not only were they losing to the pathetic Philadelphia 76ers until 38 seconds left in the game, but the Celtics’ body language and energy was just… off.  Dammit, I said I wouldn’t focus on that.

Instead, let’s be happy that they took care of business behind a strong 4th quarter and got a much needed win in the standings.  After a nice Thanksgiving meal at home, they’ll come back to the TD Garden on Friday and face the Wizards, and maybe the comeback win and the holiday will clear the air and propel them back to when they could actually play basketball.

The Bruins also earned a comeback win after being outplayed massively throughout the game.  Jonas Gustavsson had to save the B’s with a 32 of 34 performance, and Frank Vatrano and Colin Miller played like players who are much better than Frank Vatrano and Colin Miller.  Miller’s snipe of a slapshot with under 2 minutes to play tied the game, and Vatrano’s tip in off of Miller’s shot (as well as Vatrano’s goal in the 1st) was barely enough to squeak by the Red Wings in Detroit.

Both teams got outplayed handily, and both came away with unlikely wins.  Can you imagine how we’d be feeling right now if they had both lost, which looked to be about 80% likely when the Celtics game had 2 minutes left and the Bruins game had something like 7 minutes left at the same time?  The Celtics would have handed Philly their 1st win of the season, and the B’s would have lost 2 crucial points to a team that’s on their heels in the division.  While it’s still late November and the regular season in either sport is not nearly as important as in football, we have to recognize that the Celtics and Bruins dodged major bullets tonight.  I’m pretty thankful for that one as we head into Turkey Day.

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