Julian Edelman Needs Foot Surgery, But Might Return Later in the Season


If we’re being real with ourselves, we knew it was a serious injury the moment Edelman slammed his helmet down after he got hurt.

Edelman has a broken bone in his foot and will have to undergo the knife, but if the procedure goes well, he could be back for the playoffs.  It seems like it’s the Dez Bryant/Kevin Durant injury, which is incredibly worrisome because Durant tried to rush back from the injury and had to be shut down for the season weeks later.  It ain’t easy coming back from a foot injury when you’re a running around and shifting all over the field.

My original thought when I saw the severity of the injury was “Once he misses the Broncos game, coming back for the playoffs is all that matters.”  But I soon realized that I was wrong, because Brady will miss his BFF greatly right up until he returns.  The Pats end the season against the Jets and Dolphins defenses, and the Week 16 Jets game especially worries me.  Gang Green might have a playoff spot to play for, the game will be in New Jersey, and the Jets defense could easily get to Brady without Edelman.  Given the combination of both a great pass rush and a great secondary that the Jets have, it’s important for Brady to get the ball out quickly to a guy like Edelman.  Brady needed Edelman in their Week 7 matchup, and he’ll long for Edelman’s presence in Week 16.   Hopefully, the Jets are either locked into the 5 seed of out of the playoffs by Week 16 and the Dolphins have been eliminated by Week 17.  I’m a little more confident of the latter.

Assuming the Pats get the 1st round bye now that the Broncos have 2 losses, (more on that in my Week 10 recap that will be up by tomorrow), they’ll skip to the Divisional Round which will basically be Week 19.  That’s 9 weeks for Jules to come back, and it took Dez Bryant 7.  But of course, it was a recurring injury for Durant and so many others who have an injury.  We have to hope that the Pats can bring him back slowly, maybe with a few snaps in Week 17 but most likely not til the playoffs.  Edelman’s absence makes it all the more important that the Pats luck out and play a relatively weak playoff opponent in the Divisional Round.  Hopefully they face a team like the 22011 Broncos or 2013 Colts and not the 2014 Ravens.

It’s obvious to say that the Pats season may come down to health, but more specifically, it might come down to the timing of their health.  If the team has a healthy Vollmer, Cannon, Sheard, Collins, and even a rusty Edelman in the playoffs, they’re the runaway favorites in that Divisional game.  If they don’t they’re vulnerable to an upset.

Let’s hope Julian Edelman’s surgeon is on point.

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