Uh-Oh… Are the Brooklyn Nets Mediocre?

After starting the season 8-0, the Brooklyn Nets departed for a stretch on the road that consisted of games in Houston, Sacramento, and Golden State in 4 games.  If you ran computer simulations to determine how many games the Nets would likely win out of that trio, I’m guessing the answer would be something like 0.65.  And that might be too high.  The Nets had shown to be a terrible team in their first 8 games, and they were about to face 2 great Western Conference teams and one team with potential to be a low playoff seed and who had all the motivation in the world to beat up on the Nets and delay their team’s combustion and the trade of DeMarcus Cousins.

Nope.  Somehow, some way, the Nets beat the Rockets by 8 because they outscored the Rockets 27-15 (!!) in the 4th quarter.  That’s right, the team that just went into Staples Center and had James Harden drop 46 on the Clippers also lost to Brooklyn.  i hate sports sometimes.

In the second game, the Kings needed DeMarcus Cousins and Rajon Rondo to help out the future team of one and the former team of the other.  By the way that those two played in contrast to everyone else on the team, it was like Boogie and Rondo made a pact to do whatever they had to do to get the Celtics a better draft pick and make Boogie’s departure to Boston ever so slightly more realistic.  Boogie had 40 points and 13 rebounds on 13-27 shooting, and Rondo turned back the clock for 23 points, 14 assists, and 8 rebounds for a near triple-double.  It’s nice to see one of Rondo’s Swiss Army knife games (because he can do so many different things when he’s on his A game) provide a boost to the Celtics once again.  The Kings won by 2, and Celtics fans dodged a bullet thanks to our homegrown former point guard and they guy we want in Celtics sometime between February 2016 and July 2017.

Finally, after having lost the night before to a much worse Sacramento team, the Nets TOOK THE WARRIORS TO OVERTIME.  The Warriors are still unbeaten, while the Nets needed to play above themselves in Houston in order to avoid being all-beaten.  How is it possible that the Nets almost won?

Maybe the Brooklyn Nets don’t suck as much we thought.  They did play 3 superior teams very close and beat one of them, so we have to consider it as a possibility.  Ultimately, though, I’m still gonna believe that they’re awful for a few more games until I see otherwise.  Jarrett Jack shouldn’t be able to repeat the points and assists he’s had the past 2 games, when he’s gone for 21 and 12 against the Kings and 28 and 9 against the Warriors.  By the laws of nature, the laws of basketball, and the laws of the United States of America, it seems wrong that Jarrett Jack can put up 28 against the Warriors defense.  I’m gonna treat that one as a fluke until further notice.

Luckily, the Nets’ next 7 games should yield about 1 win, maybe 0.  They play Atlanta at home, Charlotte on the road the night after the Atlanta game, then a home and home with a day off in between against our Celtics, then games at Oklahome City, at Cleveland, and home for the Pistons.  The Nets might repeat how their started the season during that rough stretch of games, but they might also surprise everyone and play like they did for their 3 games in Texas and California.  I’m gonna expect the former for the time being, but my guard is on very high that the Celtics might not be headed for a top 3 pick.  I will never root for a career-damaging injury to any player… but I wouldn’t mind if Brook Lopez tweaked his foot and had to deal with lingering issues with it.  In fact, that might even happen by the end of that 7 game stretch.

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