David Pastrnak Out Indefinitely With Franctured Foot

stewie griffin gun in mouth

Turns out David Pastrnak’s injury was more severe than we thought.  Make no mistake about this, it’s horrible for the Bruins at this point.

With most injuries the Bruins could suffer, there is some saving grace, some silver lining.  Not with Pastrnak.  His absence isn’t important to give more ice time to the kids in the organization, because he’s the type of kid who needs more ice time.  His injury doesn’t free up LTIR money like those with Chara, Seidenberg, or Kelly, because his salary is already so low.  And the Bruins can’t be hyped that they’re going to tank all the way to a top draft pick, because he’s not great enough yet to entirely change the fortunes of the team.

Frank Vatrano might be playing well, and it’ll be helpful to see him continue to play in the top 6.  But there’s no way to get around the fact that the Bruins’ 19 year old stud is out for possibly a good, long while.  When you’re the type of team that falls between the 7th and 10th seeds in your conference, that’s the one thing you can’t have.

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