Greg Hardy: Good Point, But Not in His Case

Earlier today, professional blood-boiler Greg Hardy decided to change his Twitter profile info to say this:

“Innocent until proven guilty-lack of knowledge & information is just ignorance-the unjust/prejudicial treatment of diff categories of people is discrimination.”

You know what’s been lost in all the coverage that you’ve surely seen today?  Greg Hardy is absolutely right.  A lack of knowledge and information is a type of ignorance and stupidity, and it’s a problem that greatly plagues our society today.  Similarly, the ignorance and stupidity that determines how our society treats different kinds of people differently is sickening, just like Hardy said.

Here’s another way that I completely disagree with most of the analysis I’ve seen on the internet today.  The idea that “Greg Hardy can’t be the one to make that point” is simply moronic.  Maybe I’m being too extreme or blunt, but when someone ignores the logic or rationale in what someone else actually said and instead focuses on other details, including who said it, I’ll always view that as a form of stupidity.  You may not want to hear Greg Hardy make a societal point considering how bad he is for our society, but what you want to hear doesn’t matter.  The validity of the point that the person made is actually what matters.

Even if Greg Hardy is a scumbag, I have to agree with him that his case would be very different in the public eye if he was white.  Actually, Hardy’s case might not be all that different, but a better example is Ray Rice’s.  Based on what Rice has said since the horrible press conference that the Ravens called for him and his wife, and based on what Janay Rice said during her interview with Matt Lauer and others, it does seem like Rice isn’t a scumbag of a husband overall and that he does feel genuine remorse.  If Rice was white, wouldn’t we be hearing a lot more stories about how “he’s a great example of how you can move past your mistakes and move forward”?  If you don’t think he would be received a little less negatively if he was white, then you haven’t paid attention to any of the cultural problems that persist in our society.

No one should ignore the validity of what Hardy said.  At the same time, Greg Hardy has no right to make that case about himself.  While innocent until proven guilty is an important legal standing and the court of public opinion should take it more seriously as opposed to the rash judgments that people often make, there comes a time when “If there’s smoke, there’s fire.”  The 911 call, the pictures that we saw, what the victim originally said to authorities before she didn’t show up for court during the appeal… all of that matters, and you don’t have to be a genius to realize that Hardy beat the snot out of that woman.

Because of his status as a “garbage human” (copyright Katie Nolan), Greg Hardy has no right to complain about the discriminatory treatment that black people (black men in particular) face during accusations of violence — as it relates to him.  He beat a woman to the point that she said she wanted to die and has not just shown no remorse for his actions, but he somehow has shown a negative amount of remorse.  If he’s gonna complain about receiving discriminatory treatment for his actions, that would be like an Irish dude who puts a bomb in a British guy’s mailbox and then starts a bar fight, only to complain when the cops show up that he’s getting stereotyped and discriminated against for being Irish.

Greg Hardy has no right to complain about discrimination from a personal perspective, but don’t get it twisted and say that he was out of line for what he actually said.  His ideas and beliefs are 100% right, even if he’s the last spokesman in the world for them.

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