Andrew Luck’s Entire Torso Is in Shambles, And the Colts are Lying Again

ESPN reported today that the Indianapolis Colts’ franchise quarterback is out 2-6 weeks with a lacerated kidney and a partial tear of an abdominal muscle.  That’s obviously a huge blow to the Colts for the next several weeks, and it’ll send ripple effects through not only the AFC South but also the AFC North and NFC South, the two divisions that house the out-of-division opponents for the Colts over the next 6 weeks.

What’s interesting to note is that, according to the Colts, Luck sustained the injury in the 4th quarter of Sunday’s game against the Bronc–


I have no doubt that Andrew Luck re aggravated his entire torso and maybe then some in the win over the Broncos, given that some of his scrambles on Sunday looked like he was running for his life away from guys who could absolutely tear up his midsection.  But it was just 9 days ago that Jay Glazer reported that Luck had been playing with fractured ribs since week 3.  Doesn’t it seem like a little bit too much of a coincidence that Luck would come down with another midsection injury over a week later, just after playing the biggest non-Patriots game of the season and with the bye week right after?

That’s because it is too much of a coincidence.  Luck’s entire torso has clearly been a problem for several weeks, and now it’s all in ruins.  This feels like the classic case of an injury that came from overcompensation or overall weakness of the area.  Maybe Luck tried to stretch out in a certain way, or maybe the area of his body was simply weak, but I’m not buying the argument that the two injuries are unrelated.

Which means that the Colts are lying again.  Look, lying about injury reports is nothing important, and the Patriots have been guilty of it as well.  But it’s pretty interesting that the Colts accuse the Pats of cheating and then whine about it for 9 months only to break minor rules as well.

In minor cases, a lack of morality doesn’t bother me.  No one is perfect, and that includes the Patriots or anyone that I root for.  They’ve most definitely bent the rules over the years, and the Pats fans who deny that are being ridiculous homers.  But if there’s one thing that not only bothers me but makes by blood boil, it’s pure, unadulterated hypocrisy.  And that’s what the Colts have demonstrated here.  They are liars, they are hypocrites, and they are just as much of cheaters as they claim that the Patriots are.  Let’s see if Bob Kravitz will report that.

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