Why do the Greg Hardy Photos Change Anything?

Today, Deadspin released the photos of Greg Hardy’s victim after he assaulted her in the Spring of 2014.

For the life of me, I can’t understand why this is such a big deal.  News is supposed to be something you didn’t know already, and we already knew that Greg Hardy is a despicable human being.  Is anyone really shocked that Hardy beat up someone to the point of causing bruises?  If we already know that he threw her in a tile tub, chocked her, then threw her on a couch filled with assault rifles, are we really shocked that there are welts and marks all over her body?

I’m not saying that our prior knowledge makes the pictures any easier to look at or decreases the amount we should hate Hardy.  But I can’t understand why I keep seeing people saying all over the internet today, “Now that we have seen the pictures, it’s now a given that Jerry Jones should release Greg Hardy”?

Really?  Is that how mindless our society is?  We already knew everything that happened.  The pictures don’t change a thing, and proclaiming that now Greg Hardy is a terrible scumbag is callous to the grieving of the victim and what she already went through.

The message of “We only fully care about what you went through if there are pictures or a video to prove it” is not only incredibly callous but also flat out stupid.  Not only does it eliminate the proper recognition of what the victim went through, but it signifies that people are unbelievably narrow-minded when analyzing these issues.  It only matters when a camera documents it.  Pics or it didn’t happen.

And you know what?  We’ve seen it before.  Ray Rice admitted to Roger Goodell that he punched the snot out of his wife in that casino elevator, and people were rightfully upset about it.  But they didn’t really care until they saw the video of EXACTLY WHAT RICE ALREADY SAID HAD HAPPENED.  Upon releasing Rice after the video came out, John Harbaugh said that the video “changes things.”  How? Because you got to see something horrific that you already knew was horrific?

As I write this post, I keep trying to analyze the way that people have responding, but I wind up simply repeating myself because I can’t analyze the way that people think about this.  You can’t analyze something that has no logic behind it.  Irrational behavior often can’t be explained, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t call it out.  More importantly, we can’t accept it. If you know that you’re being irrational in some way, be honest with yourself and those who think like you, and actively try to use a little more logic in these kinds of situations.  Until people start doing that, then it’s going to continue to piss me off — and I’m sure it will piss off the victims of domestic violence even more — that people can be so stupid about the documentation that’s needed in domestic violence cases to get people to give a shit even when we already know for sure what happened.

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