Broncos Get Vernon Davis, Narrowly Miss out on Joe Thomas

As much as Patriots fans have a right to be cocky, some of us go way too far.  In fact, many of us go way too far an admit it, which is fine for the most part.  But sometimes the level of cockiness border on stupidity.  And any Patriots fan who says that the acquisition or the possibly acquisition of Joe Thomas didn’t scare them is simply being an idiot.

Look, the Broncos don’t scare me as much as the media wants you to think after they waxed the Packers.  The Patriots are the best team in the league at adapting to whatever a certain defense does, and they’re no way that Brady will only throw for 77 yards.  But that game did show that the Broncos can shut down a top offense, and that’s concerning to anybody.

Up until Sunday Night, the Broncos had the 32nd ranked offense in the league, so that was the saving grace for Pats and Bengals fans.  Peyton Manning hasn’t been anything close to Peyton Manning this year, but he and the offense have been buoyed by Demaryius Thomas, Emmanuel Sanders, and Ronnie Hillman.  Now, they have another weapon to give their 39 year old quarterback a boost.

Vernon Davis is better than any tight end that Peyton Manning has played with outside of Dallas Clark in his prime.  Jacob Tamme was fine for awhile, but Davis has the ability to make a game breaking play that few others do.  When Colin Kaepernick took a nosedive starting in 2014, Davis went with him.  But Davis isn’t with the 49ers anymore, and while he might be with a QB with half the arm of Kaepernick, he does have a QB who knows how to bring out the strengths of his teammates on offense way better than Kaepernick does.

The Vernon Davis worries me, but the the Joe Thomas trade would have absolutely terrified me.  The Broncos weak link on offense this year, other than Manning’s wet noodle arm, has been their offensive line.  The Patriots could easily exploit that in their meeting in Denver in 3.5 weeks and maybe another one in the playoffs.  Especially if Jabaal Sheard is back, the Pats’ front 7 can put pressure on Manning, and he can’t beat them deep.  New England is weak at cornerback, but suddenly they won’t look so weak when they can jam up and not have to worry about the deep pass.  Now more than ever, Manning relies on timing and throwing a half second early, which is pretty hard to do when Chandler Jones is running at you from the blind side.

Joe Thomas would have solved that problem on the left side of the line and then some.  Peyton would have had way more confidence and time to be able to deliver his passes, which could allow Peyton to hang 35 on the Pats defense.

After that Sunday Night game, if you’re walking around boasting your chest and proclaiming, “I’m not worried about anyone in the league, the Pats can own anybody on any day,” you’re either kinda stupid/ignorant or a liar.  If you were saying the same thing even as the Joe Thomas rumors were swirling yesterday, you simply don’t know anything about football.  Yes, the New England Patriots are the best team in the league, but the Broncos just closed the gap.  And they almost delivered a devastating blow to the Pats and the rest of the AFC.

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