Patriots Take Care of the Colts… But It’s Still Week 6

Can’t lie, this one was a little bit of a letdown.  We all wanted the Patriots to embarrass the Colts and leave Bob Kravitz’ head at midfield at the end of the game.  Instead, they didn’t even cover the spread of -10, which the majority of Pats fans, myself absolutely included, felt was too low.

That being said, let’s take a step back here and realize the ridiculousness behind what I just said.  The Pats just knocked off the team that we thought was gonna be a top AFC contender before the season and still might be (although I doubt it), and it was on the road and improved the team to 5-0.  It also involved a Pick 6 from Brady that probably will never happen again because Julian Edelman won’t screw up that badly again  So let’s just be happy with the win and not get caught up in all the emotions, because it’s that what Bill Belichick wants us to do?

I can’t help but feel a little bit empty, though.  But maybe it’s for an entirely different reason than “only” beating the Colts by 7 in Indianapolis in the biggest game for their franchise since Super Bowl 44 vs. New Orleans.

No, I feel somewhat unfulfilled after this game because it’s just the regular season, and around these parts, that means so little in 2015.  For the past few years, every game felt more important during the regular season because we were longing for the 4th Lombardi Trophy that had eluded Brady and Belichick.  When you need something that you don’t have, every minor detail feels so much more important than it already is.  And that’s what regular season games are for the Patriots now: Minor details.  Now that we’ve seen that the Pats can get a title post 2004, a game against the Colts in early October can’t feel as important as we want it to unless Bob Kravitz’ head actually did show up on a stake in the middle of the field.

But there is one very important aspect of the game — the injuries for the Pats.  I’ll have a more detailed post about it early in the week once the severity of the ailments are announced, but a battered offensive line against the Jets defense next week is a teeny tiny bit alarming.

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