Mike Pettine Has Done Nothing Wrong with Johnny Manziel in the Past

Earlier today, Mike Pettine answered a ton of questions surrounding the most recent indigent with Johnny Manziel. What happened in the situation specifically is still and unknown, and frankly, I haven’t read enough details to comment on it intelligently. My only point – and this will be a short blog, is that I’ve heard some saying that Pettine’s in this case is just another example of the poor way that he’s handled Johnny Manziel’s career, and I couldn’t disagree more. Manziel clearly hasn’t been prepared to play through his year and a half in the league, and Pettine, like every coach, owes it to his team to not throw away a season simply because one guy was drafted really high and is in McDonalds commercials. Manziel has been held accountable in his own locker room judging by seemingly thousands of comments we’ve seen from his teammates, and that’s he most important thing that a coach like Pettine can do when dealing with a knucklehead like Johnny Football.

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