Raffi Torres Suspended 41 Games

Today, the NHL suspended professional scumbag Raffi Torres for half the season after he delievered yet another headshot, this time to Ducks forward Jakob Silfverberg.

I couldn’t love this move anymore than I already do.  As the league said in the video, it’s only been 15 games played since Torres was last suspended.  Point blank, he’s nothing more than a cheapshot artist, and there’s no reason to give him anything less than the harshest realistic penalty.

Torres has been suspended, fined, or warned 9 times, which is simply too much.  If he’s not getting the point, and he’s clearly not, then you have to give him a drastic punishment, which is the only prayer that he’ll eventually learn his lesson.

Ono another note, this suspension is yet another reason that we are so lucky that the Bruins won in 2011.  That Canucks team was so aggravating that a loss to them would have hurt that much more.  They were by no means the 2013 Blackhawks, who you can respect even after losing to them in heartbreaking fashion. It was a team full of whining, flopping, cheapshotting (that’s definitely a word) wimps that we would have hated seeing raise the cup.

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