NESN Shoots Themselves in the Foot by not Airing Don Orsillo Tribute Video

Even thought there was a fan petition to keep Don Orsillo with over 62,000 signatures because people loved him that much, NESN decided to be themselves and not air the Don Orsillo tribute video that the Red Sox played yesterday.  John Henry’s management has always been about the smear campaigns, and they ran videos for Larry Lucchino  and Orsillo yesterday.  When even the Red Sox are way, way more in favor of honoring those who are leaving Boston, you know you’re in the wrong.

NESN has been absolutely pathetic in the way that they’ve handled this.  Orsillo has no reason to go given that he’s one of the best local play by play guys in the league, maybe the best, according to my own viewing of other teams’ broadcasts and what I’ve heard from many media members.  He never should have been let go, but nobody deserves to be let go AND be spit on when they walk out the door.

What NESN doesn’t realize is that they’re shooting themselves in the foot.  Many young baseball fans today, which is almost an oxymoron in and of itself, follow baseball without actually watching the games.  Fangraphs, Baseball Reference, and tons of websites can give fans a great rundown of who’s doing well in baseball, the ultimate statistical sport.

Don and Jerry are one of the most entertaining tandems in baseball, and they bring fans to their TV sets to watch even when the team is out of the race by July, as has been the case each of the past 2 years.

If NESN is gonna keep pulling this crap and have an overall negative conotation around Boston, which is already does, then they’re gonna lose viewers.  In fact, I’ll bet you they already have by the way they’ve treated Don Orsillo, but their head is too far in the sand to notice it.

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