Red Sox Promote Mike Hazen to GM Under Dave Dombrowski

When Dave Dombrowski said that he didn’t want to shake up and drastically change the front office but rather to guide it, I guess he was telling the truth.  Rumors circulated that Dombrowski would hire his good friend Frank Wren, who teamed up with the Dombrowski with the Florida Marlins in the 1990s.

Instead, the Dombrowski simply chose to promote Hazen from Assistant GM status, and we should all be happy about this.  Hazen has come up through the Red Sox school of managing a team,  He started with the team in February 2006 as the Director of Player Development, and he obviously worked under Theo Epstein and Ben Cherrington.

I love this move, partly because I didn’t want Frank Wren.  Wren is a fine general manager, but he may have been too quick to trade prospects for older major leagues, as his past would show.  And analytics aren’t as much his thing as compared to a guy like Hazen.

Having Dombrowski and Wren together would suggest that the team would be altering their ways of managing the franchise from a more analytical one to a much more old school approach.  Now, the Sox imply that they’re trying to improve on their ways.  Hazen is familiar with the organization’s players up and down the roster, and he knows that the best way to build a consistent winner is through proper player development (which is his background) and smart ancillary moves to craft a mold a team, both from an analytical and old school perspective.  To me, Hazen represents the analytical approach that should be the backbone of the organization, and Dombrowski represents the ability to bridge the gap between a smart approach and a perennial winner.

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