Forget the Brady-Trump Thing, For the Sake of Sports

Please, don’t let politics make their way into sports when they’re not wanted.

That may sound weird from me, considering that a lot of what I write about on this site involves the “politics” of sports, whether it’s my general support of players unions, my resounding support of the NFL players union because of the way the owners own their wife and kids, or that I, like most of America, want the Washington Redskins to change their team name. Politics are going to rear their ugly head in sports at times, but that’s because certain aspects of sports touch on social issues that are off the field, and I’m very passionate about the crossroads where sports and social issues meet.

But that’s why I said “when they’re not wanted” in the opening sentence. Specifically, I don’t want politics to be involved at all with Tom Brady and who he endorses for President. Yesterday, Brady was asked about Trump’s support of him, and joked that he would like to have Trump as president so that he could play golf at the White House. Not exactly a ringing endorsement, but that didn’t stop the internet from saying that Trump had gained a new political supporter and ally in the Patriots quarterback. My response?…

Shut up. Please, spare me. I don’t care who Tom Brady wants to be president, and my political views have nothing to with whose politics I do or don’t wanna hear about.

This isn’t a time for politics to be brought up in sports, because this isn’t a social issue in that sports either represent or have an integral role in our culture.

Sports, unlike politics, are a way that people with a common background can share a common bond because of their beliefs and feel like a community, and I don’t think anyone understands that more than Boston sports fans. You’ll never find a single person who agrees with you 100% politically, but you’ll definitely find thousands of fans at Gillette Stadium with whom you share a bond when you’re cheering for Tom Brady to throw his 4th TD pass on a night when the Pats put on one of the best pregame celebrations ever.
You know how it’s become kinda annoying that we now have to think of state taxes when analyzing where free agents might go every offseason? That’s another example of politics infiltrating sports where we don’t want them to, only that way is understandable. This one isn’t. It’s going to be maybe the most crazy election season ever because of Donald Trump himself, and we’re not even a year away from the election yet. If Tom Brady’s political beliefs start getting involved, it’s going to be exhausting. You know how exhausting Deflategate was for Pats fans? It’ll be way worse than that. And all because of a cause that’s only going to divide us as fans of the same team, which is the last thing that sports are about.

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