PK Subban Donates $10 Million to Montreal General Children’s Hospital

In what’s being called “the biggest philanthropic commitment by a sports figure in Canadian history,” PK Subban donated $10 million to Montreal Children’s Hospital.  There are two acceptable reactions to this.  The first is that, with the Canadian dollar dropping so badly in the past year, that this move isn’t as great as it sounds because he really only donated about 73 cents.  But the second reaction, and obviously the serious one, is that it was an awesome move by Subban.

There isn’t much analysis to say here, I mainly wanted to post it because I think the donation deserves to have everyone acknowledge it, regardless of how many people read this blog post specifically.  But I will say that this story reminds us that the hatred that we feel for athletes should almost never be viewed the same as actual hatred of a person.  Helps to keep that in perspective if and when you see an athlete walking down the street without his uniform on or some other situation like that — he’s a man, not the player who you hate on the ice/field/court.

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