Bills Trash Talk Proves Pats’ Superiority

Trivia question: Name the 3 times out of the 26 games he’s played against them that Tom Brady has lost to the Buffalo Bills.

Answer: 2003 Week 1 (Lawyer Milloy game), 2011 Week 3 (check out this box score, I totally forgot how entertaining this game was), and 2014 Week 17 (Brady barely played, Gronk didn’t play, and Pats just didn’t care with 1 seed locked up).

So it’s pretty funny to see Marcel Dareus, Rex Ryan, and co. go after the Patriots and talk like it’s a real rivalry.  And from the perspective of a spoiled Pats fan, which I absolutely am, it makes me feel even better about the team I’ve rooted for for 15 years, if that was even possible.

No one would be talking like this if the Pats didn’t own beachfront property in their heads.  Not that there are nice beaches in Buffalo.  The Pats don’t have to talk about any other teams like this, but the Bills do.  Which organization do you think has won 4 Super Bowls this century, and which do you think hasn’t made the playoffs in that time?

There’s your answer.

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