David Ortiz Hits His 500th Home Run

Congrats to Big Papi! David Ortiz launched the homer that put him in the illustrious 500 home run club tonight at Tropicana Field.  It’s too bad the Red Sox are out of it and the ratings for this woefully underachieving team were so low, but whatever.  Big Papi now has the final chip he needed to be a surefire Hall of Famer.

After 9 All Star appearances, 6 Silver Sluggers, now 500 homers, and the countless clutch hits he’s had, it’s clear that Ortiz will now get in.  And that means a ton for the fans, because we’ve all loved Ortiz since 2003 or, if you were late to the party, at the very least since the 2004 postseason.  He’s meant a ton to the organization and the city, as shown below.

If Papi doesn’t have another year left in him, then thanks for the memories, and it was fun watching you the whole day in Boston.  And if there’s one more year, than it’ll be similar to 2015 and beyond for Tom Brady – they’ve already accomplished the final achievement that makes us content with their careers (Super Bowl 49 win and MVP, 2013 Postseason, 500 Home Runs). Now, the future for the pair will be not just about watching them continue their greatness, but appreciating the past memories we’ve had.  And considering that these two are my favorite athletes, I find that pretty special and just another reminder of why I was lucky to have grown up as a sports fan in this city.

Here’s the MLB.com video from 2 years ago about Ortiz’s clutch hits.  Enjoy.

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