One Day Later, Still on a High from Tom Brady News

Yesterday, I tried writing about the amazing news that Tom Brady’s 4 game suspension was completely nullified by Judge Richard Berman, but I couldn’t make any sense of it.  My sentences weren’t sentences and I’m not sure I was writing in English, so I decided to push it to today when everyone, especially myself, can think a little bit more clearly.

How lucky are we to root for this organization? For the past 15 years, the Pats have been above the rest of the league’s teams in their dominance, and now above the league itself.  That’s what happens when you have the best quarterback and best coach of all time.  What a privilege.

I didn’t realize just how much damage the decision would do to the NFL.  Now that Judge Berman has decided to accept basically every one of the union’s arguments and say that Roger Goodell made everything up on the spot (I love Judge Berman), this could be a huge hit to the NFL going forward.  They no longer have the ability to be the dictators that they wanna be.  If you usually take the players’ side in anything related to the NFL labor laws — and I don’t see how any rational person wouldn’t be — then you should also love this decision, regardless of what you think of Tom Brady and the Patriots.

I had no idea how much of a high this would give me and this entire region.  I’ve never tried heroin and never ever will, but I’m pretty sure that I now know what that first hit is like.  Yesterday, everything just felt right with the world, and a friend texted me with the perfect one liner: “It just feels awesome to be alive.”

This is the kinda story that seems too good to be true when you step back and look at it from afar: Our quarterback has become the best ever thanks to an amazing 4th quarter comeback in the Super Bowl, which was probably his best 4th quarter ever.  He’s also never been the players’ union’s biggest ally, taking less money to help his team to the admiration of his fans, and he apparently wasn’t too comfortable with his name being the one at the top of the case “Brady vs. NFL” in the last CBA negotiations.  But now, he gets called into action, and he does what so many players wanted or needed him to do because they hadn’t been able to do it before: Topple the dictator and possibly drag the league kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

During his NFL career, Tom Brady has taken down every opponent that has been in his way.  The Giants are the only exception, and they obviously seem to be the Pats’ kryptonite, but then we can alwlys remember that 4 Super Bowls is better than 2 and that the Pats have been a model of consistency throughout the Brady-Belichick era.  They are both better competitors than everyone else in this era, including now the league itself.

Two columns that I’m gonna write soon involve A) How fun this season is gonna be and B) how much of an icon Tom Brady now is to New England.  Stay tuned for those, but for now enjoy your glorious Labor Day weekend on when the side of labor has named supreme in court.

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