Judge Berman to Issue Deflategate Ruling This Week, Maybe Today

Finally, the day of reckoning is about to arrive.  Judge Berman finally realized that there’s no way the two sides can reach a settlement, as the NFL still wants Brady to admit he’s guilty and Brady says the most important thing is him not having to admit any guilt.  When those are the starting positions, there’s no common ground to find.

The fact that the hearing is in NYC and not Minnesota or Massachusetts may still loom large, because Judge Berman, as opposed to judges that come from a much more pro union background,  Berman may not view this all as a neutral arbitration, thereby saying that the NFL had reason to act in the way it did, regardless of how fair it was.  He may also look at it as an arbitration or simply decide that no matter what it was, the NFL violated federal law in what they did.

The last thing I am is a legal expert, but I’m expecting Brady to win the ruling just because all the quotes from Berman that I’ve heard leaked indicate that he had no respect for how the NFL went about this in any way.

Of course, The NFL may win because of legal jargon and politics that are gonna make us want to pull out hair out.  But the NFLPA did agree to the rules that made Roger Goodell the judge and jury in these cases, and that’s their fault.  Hopefully The NFL screwed this up enough that Brady can win, and judging by what happened in the Bountygate, Ray Rice, and Adrian Peterson situations, that’s a possibility that I think is more than likely.

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