Why Are We Listening to Curt Schilling?

My headline seems like a pretty simple question and maybe even a stupid one.  Curt Schilling’s comments on evolution in the past and his recent comments on Muslims and Nazis show a level of stupidity that we never saw from the wise, sage ballplayer that we saw during press conferences and interviews from 2004-2008 in Boston.  (You’ll notice that I didn’t link to either of those set of comments, because it’d be incredibly hypocritical for me to encourage people to read them, given what this post is about.)

It seems obvious that we should just ignore an idiot who takes their opinions on the world around us way too seriously just because they know a lot about baseball and have a huge ego, but then why do I keep seeing people up and down my Twitter timeline posting about how much they hate Schilling or whatever else?  Just ignore a moron like that.  I get that the media will cover stupid comments — because Americans love to read about stupidity and either laugh at it (which is acceptable… after all, I just tweeted about the Lakers possibly signing Metta World Peace again HAHAHA) or to take the comments seriously and criticize them, which is counterproductive.  If consumers didn’t eat up this stuff, the media wouldn’t cover it, and then you wouldn’t have to get annoyed over Schilling saying questioning whether the problems going on in Islam today are comparable to those of the Nazis 80 years ago.

We know that there are stupid people out there, and even more specifically, we know that there are many people who are very smart in one field (Schilling is an above average baseball analyst, IMO), but Brick Tambland in Anchorman level of stupid in every other aspect of life.  So why buy into those opinions.  Schilling can only convince himself that his opinions actually matter to people if they make headlines, so let’s stop caring enough about what he says in order to cause those headlines to be made.

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