NESN Pushed Don Orsillo Out… WHY???

How out of touch can the NESN and the Red Sox be sometimes?  The only thing that has been awesome about this season is Remy and Don in the booth, other than Ortiz’s home run chase.

Firing Jenny Dell was one thing.  She was awesome at her job, and tons of people really enjoyed looking at her every game, which doesn’t hurt to say the least.  It seemed a little ridiculous that she was canned because of dating Will “Remember Spring of 2012?” Middlebrooks because she always seemed to be fair and didn’t let it affect her job, but she did break a rule, so there was reason there.

But why get rid of Orsillo?  There is nothing wrong with Orsillo’s announcing, except maybe the fact that he can’t stop incessantly laughing every once in awhile, but I think most Red Sox fans have grown to love that.  I know I have.  He was damn good at his job.

I like to check what Jared Carrabis at Barstoolsports says about this, as he usually has his finger on the pulse of what diehard but smart Red Sox fans think, and he has his own connections inside the Sox front office.  He (and others) reported that Joseph Marr, NESN’s VP of Programming was never a fan of Orsillo’s and made the decision to get him out.

Well, this guy is now pretty high on the Public Enemy list of Boston, and rightfully so.  You can’t blame Orsillo for the tanking Red Sox ratings, not when the team finishes in last place for 3 out of 4 years and fans are getting tired of not only the last place finishes, but high priced signings like Sandoval, Hanley, and Carl Crawford not panning out when they were supposed to be the guys that drew in more attention.

I can’t offer an explanation here, and I don’t know if anyone can.  Dave O’Brien will be good, but he won’t be Orsillo.

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