Bruins Will Not Be a Good Team Again for A Long Time

Don Sweeney officially doesn’t know what he’s doing.  The Bruins just acquired career goon Zac Rinaldo for a 3rd round pick in 2017.  There is no reason to give up a draft pick for a goon in today’s NHL, but I’m just done talking at length about these moves.

Just know that, after trading future Norris candidate Dougie Hamilton for 50 cents on the dollar, giving Adam McQuaid $11 million over 4 years when he’s worth $4 million over 11 years, not drafting any of the 3 top 10 prospects still on the board with their THREE draft picks in Friday night’s draft, and now trading a legitimate asset for a guy who can barely play hockey, the Bruins are screwed for years to come.

And the main reason why is because their GM isn’t making sensible moves, and has already set the team back awhile.  And a bad GM can set a team back for a long, long time in any sport, but especially one with a hard cap.  After all, McQuaid’s horrible contract won’t be up until 2019 and Dennis Seidenberg’s deal won’t be up until 2018.  The Seidenberg deal of course isn’t Sweeney’s fault, but Peter Chiarelli was on a streak of some pretty bad moves , only hurting the team more now.

Get used to this, unfortunately.  Until Sweeney and maybe Neely are gone, the team isn’t gonna be good again.  Don’t put too much emotional stock into this team going forward.

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