Dougie Hamilton Traded, Screw Everything


How could Don Sweeney do this?  How could he possibly trade Dougie Hamilton, a stud defenseman who just turned 22 and is probably 3-4 years away from being a serious Norris candidate, for the 15th overall pick and 2 2nd rounders????!!!!! Any way that you slice it, this trade is terrible.  Some people are saying that, because the Bruins are trying to do a lot of stuff tonight at the draft, that we need to be patient and see how this move fits into the others that they are gonna make.

These people are stupid.  No matter what happens with this team before the start of the season, this trade is horrendous.  Dougie Hamilton is worth way more than the 15th and 2 2nds.  I can’t come to a defense any way that I look at it.  Dougie was drafted 9th overall 4 years ago and surpassed even the expectations that come with being a Top 10 pick.  Now that the Bruins are really getting his best years, and now that he’s proven that he probably should have been higher than #9, they trade him for a #15 and 2 much lower picks??? There is a huge dropoff in the NHL after the first 3-7 picks in any draft, depending on how deep it is.  Well the Bruins got that kind of value with #9, and now they trade him for picks that won’t net the same kind of value because of where they are in the draft and because of how the NHL draft is inherently structured.

And if the Bruins are trying to get more veterans, then why trade Dougie for draft picks?  And if the team is trying to get younger in general, then why not keep the stud 22 year old???

And contract talks are the worst excuse ever.  I don’t care if they’re cap strapped, you pay a guy like Hamilton and trade someone like Lucic or Kelly or just about ANYONE ELSE on the team.  The fact is the Bruins don’t have a ton going forward, and guys who have just ended their ELC usually provide a ton of value because they don’t get paid correctly what they’re worth.  Even if Dougie wanted an “expensive” bridge deal of, let’s say, 3 years at $6 million per, that’s still the same terms that Milan Lucic signed 4 years ago! Dougie is easily worth that kinda cash.

Or at least trade him for a lot more.  I know that you can’t always look at a trade from the opposite perspective because each team is in a different situation, but it says something here that the Flames are over the moon about this one.  They just got a stud defenseman for 3 draft picks that they won’t see for a few years.

It’s amazing how fast Don Sweeney completely lost my trust in him as a General Manager.  Now, the Bruins are gonna be caught finishing between 6th and 10th in their conference every year and maybe, if we’re lucky, getting to the 2nd round of the playoffs.  Given the fact that there’s such a difference in the draft picks in the Top 5 of the draft and everything after, NHL purgatory is exactly where you don’t want to be.  What a joke of a trade by Sweeney.

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