And Now Milan Lucic is Gone

This is gonna shock you, but Don Sweeney made a good move today.

The Bruins traded Lucic to the Kings for the 13th pick, Martin Jones, and prospect Collin Miller.  They now have the 13, 14, and 15th picks in one of the deepest drafts in memory and maybe the deepest since 2003.

it was time to go for Lucic, who has a year left on his deal and will defeinitely not be worth the $7ish million that someone would give him next summer per season.  He just turned 27, and while he’s not known as a scoring forward, the scoring numbers for forwards tend to peak around 25-26.  Glad to move on from him for a good price, even if it was just the 13th in a deep draft.

And then the fact that they got Jones and Miller also helps make the trade look better for Boston.  The fact that Jones is in there is intriguing because of Tuukka, and I don’t know what the Bruins are gonna do with Jones or any of their goalies.  Svedberg is an RFA, and Malcolm Subban was due for some time this year based on the progression that the B’s want him to have, even if he’s not the actual backup this season.  So what to do with Martin Jones?  For now I guess he’s just a good backup, because it’s a buyer’s market for goalies because there are so many on the market.  The Bruins are gonna have trouble trading him or anyone else, so I don’t think they’re gonna be able to flip him for a lot.

Colin Miller is a 22 year old who should get some time for the B’s this season given how much their blueliners suck after Chara now with the horrendous Hamilton trade, and he was a 5th rounder in the draft 3 years ago.  Not a bad pickup given that he’s just a throw in.

The B’s may now be trying to get the #3 pick with all of the picks in the top 2 rounds that they have with the Hamilton and Boychuk trades, and hopefully that works out.  But given how deep the draft is, I don’t want them giving up all 3 of those, even is hometown kid Noah Hanifin is an absolute stud.  But we’re gonna have to stay tuned.

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