Don’t Think Too Much About Marcus Smart Rumors

Yesterday, the LA Times reported that the Danny Ainge offered Marcus Smart and the number 16 and 28 picks 2 days ago for Nerlens Noel and the number 3 pick from the 76ers.

I don’t buy it.  For 2 reasons.  First, there’s no way the Sixers would do that, and Danny Ainge knows that.  Sam Hinkie would laugh at Danny for making that offer.  The Sixers are looking for their best chance at a guy who can be a leader of a championship team, because that’s Hinkie’s bible on how to get a championship.  Nerlens and that number 3 pick both have a shot at becoming that guy, and Smart is the only thing coming from the Celtics in the trade that has a realistic chance at becoming that guy.  And frankly, Smart is probably gonna wind up the 2nd best player on a contender, not the best.

Second, the same exact LA Times piece that you can read here said that both the Celtics and Sixers are trying to trade quantity for quality in terms of their draft picks.  Both the Sixers and Celtics.  And again, Danny Ainge knows that the 76ers are thinking the same way because Philly has approximately 37 2nd round picks this season.

So I’m not buying at all that the Celtics and Sixers ever seriously considered Marcus Smart and 2 later 1st rounders for Noel and the 3rd.  Maybe Danny offered it just to see if Hinkie was on drugs at the time, but even that I doubt.  Instead, my guess is that Ainge has kicked the tires on the 3 pick, which has also been reported, and maybe Noel, and smart got involved into the trade in some way.  But I’m just not buying that it was real, because the LA Times seemed to contradict their own rumor mill column by saying that there was ever real consideration.

This is the kinda BS you have to see through during the NBA Draft.  And let’s remember, Danny Ainge’s biggest moves haven’t been seen ahead of time.  When he got Ray Allen, nobody say that coming.  Kevin Garnett?  We all thought that the deal had fallen through a month before when a possible 4 team deal didn’t work out.  How many people expected the Kendrick Perkins – Jeff Green trade?  Like negative seven people.

For what it’s worth, 90% of my reasoning for making that last point is because it’s true.  The other 10% percent is to convince myself that Danny Ainge is sitting on a DeMarcus Cousins blockbuster trade tonight.  Book it.

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