Red Sox Win the Kind of Game We Want Them to Win

Finally, a game like this.  The Sox beat the Rangers tonight 4-3 behind a good performance by Wade Miley (7 IP 2 H 1 BB 2 ER) and 2 RBI each from Ortiz and Napoli, with both guys belting a HR.  Uehara allowed a run in the save, but it didn’t cost the team in the end.

Miley actually pitched deep into the game, and the Sox won a game with a reasonable amount of offense and good pitching, which is exactly the kind of game that they haven’t been able to string together this year.  They’re now 8-4 in 1 run games, which may be one of the more surprising facts you could hear given how the season is going.  Of course, that may turn around and regress, but for now, these are the kinds of 1 run games that the Red Sox need to win to get the season back on track.  Hopefully what happened tonight continues.

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