NBA Draft Lottery Results

I hate the Lakers so damn much.  They pulled the 2nd pick out of their ass tonight, and if they had fallen from 5 to 6 they would have lost their pick.  Because the Lakers are my least favorite franchise, even more than the Yankees, I like tracking how badly they’re doing in the hope that they never get out of the ditch they’re in.

(This entire next paragraph is a tangent about the Lakers.  Fair warning.)  Next year, they’ll have Kobe’s monstrosity of a $25 million dollar contract, Nick Young and his 4 for 17 nights, Jordan Hill and his “potential” despite turning 28 next month, and an ownership group that can best be described as Fredo Corleone after the great Jerry Buss’ death a few years back.  They also have over $20 mil in cap space and Julius Randle and now the no. 2 pick.  So, let’s just say that we need to hope for neither of their 2014 or 2015 1st round picks becomes a stud, at least one turns into a bust, and for them to sign Rondo this summer.  How great would that be?  Rondo and kobe would go at each other’s throats, Kobe, Rondo, and Nick Young’s tendency to care about nothing other than Iggy Azalea’s ass on so many regular season nights would be a horrendous combination.  Rondo needs to go to either the Lakers or the Kings, because he would help implode both already unstable situations and he’d either kill the Lakers or make the Kings have to trade DeMarcus Cousins.

Anyway, the Wolves won the lottery tonight, and they’ll likely become the 1st team every to have 3 straight no. 1 picks on their roster with Anthony Bennett, Andrew Wiggins, and whoever else.  I don’t see Bennett becoming anything more than a possible 8th man on a contender.  (There’s not a single stat here that you can point to and say it gives you some promise.)  Wiggins should be a beast, and the key to being an NBA contender is having 3 stars, and getting the first 2 makes getting the 3rd wayyyyy easier.  (Ray Allen trade, anyone?).  So this pick is absolutely ginormous for the Wolves.

The 76ers got the 3rd pick, which is obviously fine for the team with the 3rd worst record.  But Sam Hinkie wasn’t happy with the night overall, as he missed on the Lakers and Heat protected picks.  This might mean that the reign of Tankadelphia will last an extra year longer than it may have if they had gotten, say, 2 and 6 tonight.  Not that the 76ers are gonna stop tanking anytime soon.

The Knicks fell to 4th because HAHAHAHAHAHA Knicks.  At least one of the Lakers and Knicks sucked tonight.  Maybe karma does exist, because James Dolan can’t catch a break.

The Magic will draft 5th, and the Kings will draft 6th.  Hopefully the Kings strike out at 6, pushing for that Cousins trade that I won’t stop talking about for a long, long time.

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