Bruins Fire Peter Chiarelli

The Bruins have fired Peter Chiarelli, and not too many people are surprised.
This one reminds me of the Terry Francona firing, without the piece of shit rat in the Red Sox front office who leaked the news of his personal battles. In both cases, these 2 men had brought franchises who hadn’t won in awhile (one a lot longer than the other, obviously), to 2 championship series, Tito winning both while Chiarelli won the first. But for both guys, it was simply time to go. Their time had come, their ways had become stale, and the team wasn’t playing with the kind of passion the franchises needed.
Contrary to what sports radio in this town will probably say, the Chiarelli firing should not be an overall poor reflection of his overall tenure. Building a consistent winner in the era of a hard salary cap is no easy task, and the Bruins made the playoffs in 7 straight seasons during his tenure, earning home ice in the first round in 5 of those years, winning a round in 5 years, only once losing a series in fewer than 7 games (to the Blackhawks, a damn good team), and winning 10 playoffs series during his time. By comparison, the Blackhawks won 12 and the Penguins won 11 series during that time, so Pete is up there with the best.
Thanks for the memories, Peter Chiarelli. Good luck in the future.

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