Celtics Face Pacers Tonight, Face Tough Stretch to End Season

Here’s the Celtics schedule for the rest of the season:

vs Indiana
vs Milwaukee
@ Toronto (2nd night of back to back)
@ Detroit
@ Cleveland
vs Cleveland
vs Toronto
@ Mlwaukee (2nd night of back to back)

The Pacers are in contention with the Celtics for the 8th spot, and after that it’s 4 separate Eastern Conference playoff teams after that, 3 of them which the Celtics play both home and away.  Pretty funny how they set the schedule down the stretch, probably assuming that a few Eastern Conference teams would just have to squeeze a few more games in against the Celtics at the end.

Facing 4 playoff teams in the final 7, only 2 games of which are against a team that will be heavily favored against the Celtics.  That makes tonight’s game absolutely huge against the Pacers, not just because Indy is back a game in the standings from the Celtics, but because tonight (at home) is the most winnable game.  Also, Paul George could come back before the end of the season, which could easily be the difference in a horrible Eastern Conference.

Against David West and mainly Roy Hibbert, I’m not expecting the Celtics to get many points down low tonight.  It’s gonna be more of a shooting night for Tyler Zeller and Kelly Olynyk.  I’m expecting a Celtics win because the Celtics defense at the guard position is more than good enough to shut down the George Hill – CJ Miles combo.

This game is the biggest of the season for the Celtics so far, so make sure to watch tonight.



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